How to use SkinDelight body nurturing oil

SkinDelight oils may be used on your face and the whole body. SkinDelight believes in the harmony of the whole body, regularly there is no separate facial oil: if we deserve the best, and we do, then we can give the same to our body as to our face. What nurtures, cherishes and rejuvenates the face will also do the same to the body, in complete harmony of face and body. Put a few drops of SkinDelight oil in your palm and massage your face and neck then continue the same way on your arms, trunk and legs. Your feet and your sole can also benefit from massaging them with the oil. It may be a few more movements than the usual, but do not think of a long procedure taking much time, it takes just a few minutes and you will see it really worth it. We recommend to use the oil on slightly wet skin.

What does it mean: e.g. after taking a shower/bath you wipe yourself off with the towel and right after that you massage your skin with the oil. It absorbs faster than on dry skin, the water helps for the oil to absorb and the oil helps the water to absorb, two benefits at once. Those who have very dehydrated skin, may also spay additional spring water or floral water to the skin being treated with oil. You will see, you would not change this ritual for nothing once you get the hung of it. SkinDelight oils are quite rich in essential oils, due to this reason they work on two levels, primary they have great effect directly on the skin, and furthermore their aroma-therapeutic effect nourishes our soul on a high level. The natural fragrance of the SkinDelight oils is intensive, apart from being great nourishment for skin it may also serve as your perfume. The other gender usually cannot hold back to cherish with compliments those wearing it.

More Tips!

Before you start using the oils we suggest to try it on a surface not on display – e.g. inner arm – to see if you have any allergic reaction, most probably you won’t but safety is first.

We recommend when using SkinDelight oils, you do not use any other cosmetics, like creams, lotions etc. at the same time, we do not know what is in those products and it is best to avoid any chemical reaction with them. Those who would love to benefit from the aroma-therapeutic effect without disruption, it best to avoid the use of any parfume as well. Myself, I have been using SkinDelight oils for years and not using perfumes at all but the number of compliments praising my beautiful scent is significantly higher than in those times I was using the perfumes claimed to be high-end.

We recommend using one SkiDelight oil at a time, giving it some time to open up its competencies and its effect to blossom. One oil creates a divine unity, that has an effect on your body and soul in its wholeness.

Frequently asked question: how much oil should we use?

This is of course unique and depends on how thirsty or dry the skin is but on average we use about 20-30 drops on the whole body, which is 1-1,5 ml.  The skin tend to absorb a little bit more at the beginning and it reduces with time when the skin filled up with nourishment; for example usually we count with 3-4 drops to use on the face but it can happen when you start using SkinDelight oils, that your skin can absorb more and later you end up using only 2 drops and it is sufficient. 50 ml largely covers your monthly need if used every single day on the whole body surface. Isn’t it great?! The number of your face and body care reduces to one and also reduces significantly in size to 5, 20, 50 ml. I tell you, you will love it, especially when travelling!