About Us

Thank you for visiting us. I am Lilla the creator of SkinDelight. I believe in the power of Nature. I believe in high quality and that we all deserve the best. I believe in inspiration and that we all have a gift to contribute to a better world. I believe in sustainability that we humans better use with care – and not abuse – the natural resources of planet Earth. I believe in loving what we do for life and doing it with passion. I believe in dreams coming true. The greatest evidence of this is SkinDelight itself, embodying all my beliefs. I believe that all the above matters to you, and that SkinDelight can give you something no one else can.

What is SkinDelight?

SkinDelight products are natural magic body and face nurturing oils blended by hand from pure cold pressed, extra virgin organic oils and high quality, pure essential oils originating from the rich garden of Mother Nature adding a hint of Intuition and Love. SkinDelight oils made from high quality and mostly organic ingredients provide your skin with real natural pampering and also nurtures your soul with the aromatherapeutic effect of the essential oils. The beautiful natural fragrance creations offer joy to their user, they bring natural luxury into our grey everyday life.

Why oils?

SkinDelight believes in Mother Nature and that all its plants contain magic healing power but we do not believe in processing, heating, extracting etc. The oils are the closest form to nature, all the base oils we use are organic, cold pressed, unrefined to ensure that they conserve the enzymes, vitamins, minerals in their original raw and alive form to nourish and give radiance to your beautiful skin. The blend of oils and essential oils keeps naturally for long, there is no need to add preservatives. So SkinDelight oils do not contain any preservatives not even ones of natural origin. It only contains active substance, nothing else, no fillers or extenders, no consistency agents. You do not need to worry about “oily” spots on your face or body, SkinDelight body oils are easily absorbed by the skin thirsty for such rich treatment.

How do we manufacture?

SkinDelight is made purely by HAND no machines are involved, no machines take from the healing, nurturing and beautifying energy of the premium quality ingredients coming from Mother Nature. Each ingredient is selected carefully most of them certified organic, the rest may be from organic, earth conscious cultivation but not yet certified or simply of better quality than certified organic and provides for greater healing. These premium ingredients are blended into a luxurious body nurturing oil using our secret recipes based on long years of professional expertise . We also add the joy of making it and the love and passion inspired each and every product to be born.

Protecting nature

Our earth conscious manufacture is in Hungary on the top of the hill in the middle of the forest, our ecological footprint is less than a normal family household, no environmentally toxic material released from our production.

You also protect Earth and Nature by using SkinDelight products, you use 100% Natural cosmetics so everything that may be released back to nature is coming from there and easily recycled by it, further you use less in quantity so your ecological footprint also reduces.